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Stoneshollow Solar Farm - Ballot

Following the extension being granted from HBBC for submission of support or objections to the Stoneshollow Solar Farm, the parish council have organised a Ballot. We are hand delivering Ballot Papers (attached) to every household in Naistone, for you to register your vote.

Do we support the application

Do we oppose the application in its current format.

The papers will be counted at 8pm on 30th March, and the parish council as consultees will repsond based on the majority.

This is NOT instead of registering your own personal comment on the HBBC planning portal.

Details of how to lodge your support/objections are explained below, and also on the community facebook page.

Ballot papers can be

Emailed to the clerk (Absolute confidence assured)

Posted into the box on the wall 8-10 Occupation Road, Nailstone

Put into the ballot box Nailstone School 30th March 2022 7pm

Posted: Tue, 22 Mar 2022 21:44 by Clerk

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